Today we celebrate Chemistry Day, a special date for the chemical field as it coincides with the feast of our patron, San Alberto Magno.

It is a celebration established in 2002 by the different organizations and professional associations of the chemical sector in Spain. Its main objective is to promote the dissemination of chemistry and its industry, as a science capable of responding to the needs of the world, helping to improve our future and quality of life, providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

At Emsa we also aim to enhance the interest of young people in chemistry, as part of the future and economic growth of our world.

In addition, we take advantage of this day to celebrate the contributions of women to the world of chemistry, as well as the main historical milestones, especially the first centenary of the award of the Nobel Prize to Marie Curie, and the creation of the International Association of Chemical Societies .

“Our life is more comfortable and efficient thanks to Chemistry. From Emsa we congratulate all our team and collaborators ”