Today on World Soil Day we want to talk to you about the importance of taking care of our land and making responsible use. At Emsa we have developed a set of technologically advanced formulas that help the agricultural sector to improve the harvest and at the same time take care of our health and our land.


  • Helps strengthen plants (leaves and bud)
  • Stimulates flowering, formation and growth of the fruit
  • Facilitates and increases the absorption of nutrients from the soil and leaves
  • Promotes faster and more uniform fruit ripening

The reasons why soil is key to a sustainable future for the planet:

It may not seem as obvious as green forest, or as vital as fresh water, but seemingly unsightly soil is a natural resource that is just as important in sustaining life on Earth. Soil provides plants and trees with nutrients, water and minerals, stores carbon stocks, and is home to billions of insects, small animals, bacteria, and many other microorganisms.

However, the amount of fertile soil on the planet is declining at an alarming rate, jeopardizing farmers ability to grow food to supply the world’s population, which is forecast to reach nine billion by 2050.

Food creation starts from the ground. Composed of minerals, water, air, and organic matter, soil provides the primary nutrient cycle for plants and animals, and is the basis for food, fuel, fiber, and medical supplies, as well as many important natural resources.

“The quality of our food depends largely on the quality of our soil.”

The use of inefficient agricultural practices, such as extensive plowing, the recovery of organic matter, excessive irrigation with poor quality water, and the excessive use of herbicides and pesticides, deplete the nutrients in the soil faster than they can be recovered, which resulting in loss of fertility and soil degradation.

Farmers often wonder: why are the berries small, sour, poorly colored? Why is the ripening of the berries delayed, the vine does not ripen well? The answer to this question lies in a balanced diet, water, sunlight, and heat.

The soil always contains nutrients. However, no matter how rich in nutrients the soil is, sooner or later it begins to run out, due to the elimination of your crops. Nutrients from the soil are extracted with the crop and are not returned to the soil. As a result of the interruption of the circulation of nutrients in vineyards and orchards, the soil is depleted. The lack of replenishment of nutrients in the soil leads to the weakening of plants and a decrease in yield.

That is why it is very important to know how to feed our land correctly and responsibly. Using organic products for agriculture not only helps you increase the harvest but also takes care of our land.



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